Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another little step outside

Tonight I took another little step outside my comfort zone. I attended another play date with complete strangers. This time it was an evening play date pizza party. The host ordered the pizza and everybody pitched something in. I brought Rice Krispy Treats and sugar cookies. Colin enjoyed himself! He played with the toy lawn mower and toys car and tried to climb in the kiddie pool. He also got to try a bouncy house for the first time. He was very unsure about it and actually didn't bounce but stood there and watched Blake bounce around in it. I also attended without Andrew. I figured I couldn't let him being out of town hold me back and I needed to try things on my own.

The other ladies and their husbands were all very nice and I look forward to attending one of these kinds of play dates in the future!

And...I volunteered to host one next month. I am actually nervous, b/c I have no idea what to do. I guess they just play with Colin's toys, but I really hope no one gets bored. Trial and error - I guess I will figure it out as I try!

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