Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'll Love You Forever

Andrew and I always joke that we could write children's books. I mean, come on. It seems like if you can rhyme a story about animals and slap a few pictures in there you are good to go. In fact, some books just count how many animal are on the page.

Last night I was reading Colin I'll Love You Forever and I know Andrew and I can't be the only ones that find the page where the Mother drives across town...climbs up the ladder to her grown son's room...and if he is asleep she will crawl in and rock him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth to be very creepy.

In fact, I find it kind of strange that she goes in a rocks her 16 year old son the same way. We don't read that book very often because I just think it is weird. We like to stick to That's Not My Pirate! and That's Not My Truck! with all the touchy feely pages.


  1. Bahahah.. thats hilarious! And.. I agree!

  2. Hahahhahahahaa! That was one of my favorites growing up!!

    Looking back yeah, creepy.