Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update on Ears

I guess I should update you guys on how Colin's tube surgery went! He did very well. It was a quick procedure and I was only in the waiting room for 10-15 minutes before they had me come back to recovery to see him. He didn't take waking up too well though. He was very upset and we couldn't get him to calm down. They said he was calling for da-da over and over when he first woke up. (So sorry to disappoint...but it was just Mommy waiting for him.) He also did that cry where you can see in his face that he is crying (hard) but no sound or anything comes out. He did that for 15 or 20 seconds and started turning blue. It freaked me the heck out. The nurse could tell and we made sure not to leave until he was calmed down.

The rest of the day was off and on unhappiness. He did some hard and loud crying throughout the day but by dinner time he was back to normal. He slept through the night (at least I assume...I slept so hard the sheets where still nice and I don't think I moved) and woke up his normal happy self.

Andrew is in New Orleans this week so I was a little nervous about taking care of him alone but it ended up being fine in the end. And, I got to eat a burger. Every time Andrew goes out of town I start the week off with a hamburger. I have been doing this since we got married. I look forward to making this a little tradition with Colin - Daddy leaves and we get burgers. =) I didn't give him any thing this time since there was a chance he could get sick from the anesthesia...I wasn't going to risk throw up.

I will leave with some happy images of my little drummer boy.

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  1. I didnt realize his surgery was this week, Im so sorry I did't check on you guys :(

    So glad it went well though!!!!!!!