Thursday, August 5, 2010

Peek-A-Boo Barn

A new favorite game of Colin's: Peek-A-Boo Barn

I try to play it throughout the day (paci-less to hopefully get him to try and talk) and he gets so excited when we start it up. He knows to touch the screen when the animal knocks on the barn door.

And when the animal appears he knows to pull his hand away and watch the screen.

At the end the barn door opens and a few of the animals are snoring and sleeping. The little kid's voice whispers, "Shhh. They're sleeping." And swear he will whisper some babble. Sometimes it sounds like he is sh-ing. And sometime he sounds like he is jabbering in a whisper voice.

Other than reading, pointing out objects, and playing this game I don't know what else to do to encourage him to try and talk. I have thought about getting rid of the paci, but he only has four eye teeth to cut and then he is done until the 2 year molars. I know he likes to have something to chew on when he cuts teeth so I just don't have the heart to take it away until those come through.


  1. Dont blame you on the paci!

    He'll come around, dont worry!!! :)

    WHere did you get that peekaboo barn? Super cute!

  2. It's an app we bought on the iPad. That $1.99 has done a great job of entertaining him! I downloaded toddler flash cards last night. I can't believe the number of apps there are out there...

  3. I have a bunch of tips that we were given to help Bates catch up in language.
    1. Loose the paci as much as possible during the day. When you notice him teething, for sure give it back. But the more he can keep it out, the better.
    2. Talk to him ALL DAY LONG. I'm sure you do already. I felt like a goob having one sided conversations with Bates all day.
    3. Pick a sound to make with him all day. Like clucking your tongue, psst psst, whatever. Make that sound OVER and OVER and OVER in his face all day. We would spend 5 minutes lots of times during the day with Bates in my lap looking at me and making a specific noise.
    4. Get a hand mirror, sit him in your lap, and make faces. Start with sticking out your tongue, then start making noises, or babble. Keep it simple, but he will see you and him making the same face or noise.

    He'll get there! And then you will want him to be quite!!!

  4. oh my gosh, is that an ipad? haha your son is way cooler than me, he's already playing games on an ipad!! smart boy :)