Friday, August 20, 2010

A little boy's best friend

I like to do pages in Colin's year book with pictures of him and Molly. On one page of the two of them I have a quote that I love:

"Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one."

Molly wasn't terribly fond of Colin at first. She was more afraid of him than anything. She would run when ever he came near.

Now she just lays there and takes it. We are working on understanding "gentle" but he is still curious and one night even tried to get her eyeballs. I promise - we protect Molly from Colin and Colin from Molly. He loves his dog!

And...he slept on his nap mat at MDO yesterday. Well, he slept partially on his nap mat. When I went to pick him up he was sleeping sideways...he is active even in his sleep. I was totally impressed and wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself.


  1. AWWW.. how cute! :) Molly is a good sport!

  2. I'm glad all the "new kids" (Colin, Grant) napped yesterday at MDO. Nate needs to take a lesson from them!!

  3. I cannot even tell you how much I love these pictures! Will agrees, every boy needs a dog. Our dogs may not agree though!