Thursday, August 19, 2010

The date is set

On Monday (the 23rd) Colin is having tubes put into his ears. Hopefully this keeps those painful ear infecitons away from now on and we won't have to be on antibiotics so often. I am not sure what time yet as I have to call on Friday to get the scheduled time. Hopefully it is early so that he doesn't have to go too long without anything to eat or drink.


  1. did you get in with dr. converse?

  2. No, when I called the peds office about seeing an ENT they referred me to "their" guy, I guess. He is nice and he did Cassie's little girl's ears, so I feel comfortable. Although, last night I had a dream that Cassie came and told me that Mady was still having ear infections...I actually thought it was real when I woke up...