Monday, August 16, 2010

Two big things happening today

First - today is my first half day! I am off in 55 minutes! I am not sure what the little man and I will do today. I know I need to bake a cake and run to Sam's and the Gap...but that is it as far as what we HAVE to do.

Second - WE'RE DEBT FREE! (Imagine I yelled this on the Dave Ramsey Show, please). After working hard on it for the last 8ish month, we have finally paid of that pain-in-the-butt school loan that has been following me around. Now to be really motivated and pay down the house...

Oh, and little man starts WEE School tomorrow! I am honestly not sure how he will do. He is very friendly but just this past Sunday he had a rough day in the nursery at church. Cried the whole time and just wanted to be held. Will I cry?? Likely not. I know, I're probably thinking "just you wait." I only cry when I am physically/emotionally hurt or frustrated. Neither apply to this situation. I do wonder...does this make me cold? I only ask b/c I talked to a mom at open house last week and she made the comment after finding out he was my first kiddo that I will likely shed a tear. I just kind of smiled...because I didn't want her to think I was a terrible person.

Oh, let me correct myself. I do cry when Colin gets hurt. I want no harm to come to by baby. I cried (hysterically) the one time he rolled of the bed. Gawd - I felt like the world's worst mother and he looked at me like I was nuts as I had my ugly, sobbing, cry.

Anyway, first day of school pictures to come. Pray that we have a smooth (or close to smooth) day tomorrow!


  1. YAY for paying off your loan..such a nice feeling :)

    hahah.. dont worry.... we cant all be basket cases! I hate being such a weenie!
    Hope his first day goes great!

  2. You are definitely not cold! I didn't cry on Will's first day. It's exciting to think about all the fun they have at school and how much more they learn!

  3. woohoo! I'm not heartless! It is good to know it is ok to not cry. =)