Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How many is TOO many?

We have had a rough couple of days. Colin had a really low fever Sunday night. I gave him some Tylenol and sent him to bed only for him to wake up in the middle of the night with a temperature hitting 103.3. After more Tylenol and a pitiful night of sleep I stayed home with him. We gave him Tylenol all day Monday to get the fever down. I finally got it to around 99 right before bed.

Monday night brought another rough night with a fever hitting 104.8. Stress me out...I figured he just a had a mild cold and that everything would be fine, but I got worried when his temp was that high. He has never had a temp that high before. I had to take Andrew to Vanderbilt that AM for an already scheduled procedure so my mom took Colin to see the doctor. Poor thing has (another) ear infection. He didn't tug on his ears...didn't whine when I took him temp by ear. But has another ear infection.

So here is my question - how many ear infections are too many? Colin has had an ear infection in December, February, May, July, and now August. They aren't the same infection. We clear up one and then another comes along.

Dr. Lowe says that babies who are around smokers, take a bottle, and go to daycare are usually more likely to get ear infections. Hello - none of those apply to us. He is just getting them. Now I wonder how many he will get when he starts MDO next week? And sometimes I wonder if maybe he isn't talking because he can't hear well.

So now I am wondering if I should make an appointment to talk to his doctor about the possibility of tubes. My instinct tells me to at least inquire...but should I wait and see if he gets, yet another, ear infection first? Can they test his hearing this young?

I don't want him to get more painful ear infections when I can possibly prevent them, but I also don't want to have a procedure done that is unnecessary and will eventually work itself out. Any opinions or personal experiences?


  1. I have no experience with ear infections (we have been VERY lucky so far) but my first instinct would be to definitely inquire about tubes. I know many people that have had them put in their kids (under age 2) and they have been a huge blessing!!!!

  2. um, absolutely call! We have a friend who is a ped ENT and he is world famous for the work he does in kids. It's Dr. Mark Converse. He is in one of those twin buildings on Medical Center. Go! And I'd sure say if he can't hear well, that'd be why he isn't talking much.