Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cookie Party

Saturday we hosted a Christmas Cookie Party and invited all of Colin's grandparent's and great grand parents. We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again next year. I only wish I had more room in my house so I could include some friends, along with my family, in on the fun. I have a year to see if I can figure it out I guess.

I baked about 7 dozen cookies prior to the party (sugar and gingerbread cut outs freeze great!). I made a couple types of icing and had a bunch of different sprinkles (or as I learned they are also called jimmies). We had Russian Tea on the stove, milk, eggnog, cocoa, coffee, and soda. And to counter all the sweet cookies we had some mozzarella stick and marinara, chex mix, and peanuts.

I think someone was ready to get his hands dirty!

He got his own sprinkle can because he tended to dip his into the icing.

My little brother and sister.

Colin's finished cookie. I put it in its own little baggie in the fridge so we could put it out for Santa.

My cookies.

My full kitchen. I love how even my dad and brother decorated some. And I love that everyone looks so happy in this picture.

One of our group shots. I have another one with Grandma and Grandpa Coleman, but I am having technical issues. And Colin LOVES my Grandma's cane. Won't put it down. We had to hide it.

Once everyone was done with their cookies, we had Christmas themed containers to put them in so they could take them home. I really had so much fun and really want to find a way to include more people. Even if it means putting plastic down in my living room/play room area and getting some card tables. Ha, we will see. That means making a lot more cookies...

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