Monday, December 6, 2010

What has been going on?

I have posted a ton of recipes lately, but no posts about what we have been up to. So here it is!

First, Colin is starting to talk! I really think kicking the paci habit (for good) and having his tubes put in are what turned this around. And we haven't had a single ear infection since the tubes have been placed. I really wish we had gotten them sooner. It is a pain to have to put ear plugs in at bath time, but he is such a happy little boy now!

Are you wondering what he can say? His favorite: ball, baby, apple, mama, dada, papa, juice, bowl, tractor, balloon (he gets pretty close on that one), and brush (as in he wants to brush his teeth). Those are the words he uses the most and that he uses with the right objects. He also will tart to repeat words 9the best of his ability) when you ask him too. They don't always sounds right, but he tries!

He also is really starting to understand what I am asking him. He gets his shoes, hugs Molly, retrieves Baby Jesus, gets his favorite book, and a lot of other things we ask him to do. My favorite (stolen from Mary Leigh) is feeding the dog. The other day he noticed Molly had no food in her bowl so he said "bowl, "picked it up, and went to the back door to wait for us to fill it. I told ML that whatever Bates' next chore is, that will be Colin's. I am just following her lead since Bates is 6 mths older. =)

Colin loves the Discovery Center. Mamaw takes him every Monday morning to Parents and Tots and I have decided we will be going every Wednesday afternoon. So, if you ever want to meet up with us, we will be there on Wednesday afternoons after nap. Except this week - we will be at Opryland Hotel admiring the lights.

This weekend we started training Molly to stay off the couches. I love her, but I want my couch to stop smelling like dog...and I am tired of cleaning off the dog hair. She has a nice warm dog bed in our room that she can snuggle up on. It might be mean to do it after letting her sit on it for 4 years, but just because she has been doing it for so long doesn't make it an ok habit. So far, so good. This training is one of my New Year's resolutions (starting a little early!). Once she has learned to stay off, I am buying some (much needed) new throw pillows. My current ones look terrible!

Our tree is up and ready for Santa to come visit! We have so many fun Christmas activities planned the next few weekends. Colin is even hosting his first Christmas Party for his grandparents and great-grandparents. I am so looking forward to getting together with friends and family to fellowship and enjoy their company and the holiday season.

Other that that, we have been visiting Sweet Cece's - a lot. Anyone want to meet us up one afternoon for a sweet treat? Maybe after MDO one Tues/Thurs?


  1. Yay for talking! But, just wait, soon enough you'll miss those "quiet" days!

    Just name the day and time an we'll be there. I need to know why everyone is so excited about this place.

  2. Becuase it is super yummy and I can make a really good Points friendly dessert. Or not...depeding on my mood. I will pick a day. I don't think you will be disappointed.