Monday, December 27, 2010

We Wish You a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

We had such a great Christmas. Colin had so much fun opening gifts. He started off slow, but by the end of the night he was a pro...even opening other's gifts. LOL

He got so many nice new toys. His favorites seem to be his grocery cart, the ride on fire truck, the fire house, the see 'n say, and the race car track. Mamaw got him a step stool for the bathroom that I love. It is green and has his name on it in blue. He is still a little short so he can't get his hand under the faucet yet, but he can stick his toothbrush under the running water.

Andrew and I don't exchange gifts, but his dad did get me a beautiful Pandora bracelet. He had a charm on it for me (a gold dangle heart). My gift from Colin? We picked out another bead for my bracelet. I picked a bird because Colin's name means "dove" and he also loves birds. I have no idea what the draw is, but he loves them. (He will never have one for a pet, though). I had a little Christmas money so I went out and picked a couple of clips to add to the bracelet and one more charm - a cupcake since I like to bake. =)

Colin also got me a little personalized jewelry box (thanks to my mom). I love it so much! I have already filled it.

Yesterday I took the tree down and put away all the Christmas decorations (except the wreaths outside - I forgot). Andrew thinks I am crazy and that it is kind of scroogy...but it is important to me (and my OCD personality) to have everything away by New Year's Day. It is a clean slate and I don't want to be cleaning up 2010's mess in 2011. I even got all the decorations into the attic ALL BY MYSELF. I worked fast while Andrew was working out to show him I can do it.

Here are a few pictures and my charms.

Speaking of a clean slate in 2011, my New Year's resolutions will be posted soon.

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