Friday, January 14, 2011

I am just curious...

...but do people not RSVP anymore?

And this is not directed to anyone that reads my blog. It is a shower for an out-of-town friend and her brand new baby.

For goodness sake - I put my e-mail address on there so if you were a stranger and didn't want to call my house you could just send me a quick "yes" or "no."

Maybe I am mean, but I figure if you don't tell me your coming then I don't plan for you. You will go hungry.

But Cassie is also hosting so she may not go with that idea... =P

I am so excited to meet baby Piper! I have been practicing her name with Colin.


  1. Definitely a huge pet peeve of mine when people don't rsvp!!!! God we are so alike.

  2. That drives me INSANE too, its very rude! It ranks right up there with being late! GRR!