Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moving on up?

I think I am going to start transitioning Colin to his toddler bed. He isn't climbing out yet, but he really seems to enjoy the elements of a "big boy bed": the pillows and soft blankets. He hasn't been sleeping great but if I put him in my bed and snuggles right up to the pillow and is out. I can't figure out if it is b/c he is near me or if it is the bed. Last night (since Andrew was gone) I put him in our bed in the middle of the night on Andrew's side. I didn't touch him...and he slept soundly, even allowing me to get ready without waking. Oh, and sleeping in my bed is not something we do regularly...so if it is the bed he likes, he is getting his own.

The toddler bed isn't my favorite, and I would much rather get him a nice new comfy mattress and bed, but I am not prepared to take on that expense and then it backfire! If we are getting a REAL bed...he is also getting a room make over to make it more like a little boy's room. So you can see how I am holding off on that expense until I know he does well.

I am curious as to what made you switch to a toddler/twin bed and if you had any tips if we hit a rough patch.


  1. Bates, too, will be moving to his toddler bed soon. We bought him a toddler bed, although his crib converts cause it was cheaper to buy a toddler bed rather than a new crib.
    I'm thinking we will do the big switch in March. I just don't think he understands enough yet, or is old enough to get, STAY IN THIS BED!
    I'd say keep Colin in the crib as long as possible, we would if we didn't need the crib! Could you maybe make his crib more "bed-like" with lots of fluffy pillows and a big blanket?

  2. We did NOT do a toddler bed, we went straight to a big boy bed. We did a full size bed only because we already had it! I wouldnt invest alot in a toddler bed until you're ready for a full on transition and until he understnads DO NOT GET OUT OF BED! Does his crib convert?

  3. Yes, his crib converts, which is why I am thinking trying the toddler bed. If he does well when we try it, I will consder a twin bed a little later.

  4. After I posted I had a moment of panic when putting Bates in his crib, I'm SO NOT ready for him to be in a big boy bed. I want to keep him in the crib as long as possible. Maybe we will be buying another crib!

  5. He saw it this afternoon and climbed right in...with the Gutar Hero guitar. So I may be on the look out for a guitar pillow kind of thing to keep in there...

    Wish me luck - he may think I just created him a brand new stage for performances. LOL