Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anyone looking for a desk?

*UPDATE* It looks like I have a taker. Unless you hear from me otherwise, the desk has found a home!

Or know of someone that is? We have a set of office furniture that is just too much for our little office. We are keeping one of the desks and the bookshelf, but will be getting rid of the other desk. Here is what it looks like:

Our options are to either give it away, or break it down and trash it. Kind of sad to trash it, but I hate keeping stuff just b/c I can't get rid of it. Cluttler is bad (unless it is shoved in the back of a closet).

I am keeping this offer open until Dec 19th. Let me know by then if you or someone you know would like it and it is theirs! All they have to do it come pick up. If I don't hear anything by Dec 19th, I am going to let my husband break it down and take it to the dump.

Oh, I should add it is in good condition. Here it is in our office:

And the diminsions: Christopher Lowell Shore Computer Credenza, 30 1/2''H x 61 3/8''W x 23 1/2''D, Antiqued White

It used to have a hutch that went on top, but I think we got rid of that some time ago. If we still have it in the attic, you are more than welcome to take that also! Here is what it look like (when we lived in the apartment and used it in the dining room):

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