Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy Weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend but I like it like that!

Friday night we had some friends over for dinner. We hadn't seen either couple in quite a while so it was a lot of fun! We didn't stay up too late as everyone had a busy day the next day but it was so nice to get together and enjoy conversation over some yummy food! Colin had his first taste of pasta bake and loved it. I think I spoiled him with the homemade sauce because now he rejects pasta with Prego Sauce on it. Bad move on my part!

Saturday we headed to the Nashville Zoo! It was a bit of a disappointment after visiting the San Diego Zoo just a few short months back but it was a nice was to spend the day! Colin enjoyed watching the animals and getting to pet a goats. He loved staring at the llama in the petting zoo also!

Saturday afternoon during Colin's nap Andrew and I rearranged our bedroom (which is a ton of work - we had to unassemble the bed and reassemble). Then when Colin went down for the night I started to paint the bedroom. I only got half of the trim done but it was a first step!

Sunday was an exciting day as we got to go to the airport to see Bates come home!! I brought my camera but never took a picture. I wanted this to be my picture for the day for my Project Life album. So when ML post some pictures of Bates' homecoming I will just have to steal one of those. (Or any friends can e-mail me a great shot of ML and Bates!) He is a cutie! I am so excited that 1st: Mary Leigh got to bring her son home!! And 2nd: Colin has a boy close to his age to play with! It just seems like everyone was having girls!

Sunday afternoon I was able to paint the majority of the bedroom while Colin napped. I am getting good at painting! And this paint is awesome. I purchased the Valspar Signature paint from Lowe's that has the primer included...and it is amazing. I for sure thought I would have to do two coats of khaki over my jade green walls but one coat covered no problem. And I bought 3 gallons and I don't think I will need to use it all. I will paint the hall with any leftover. This paint is awesome. I will stick with it for any future painting projects!

I put on my new bedspread and set up my bong lamps. That is what they look like so that is how we refer to them. When I brought them in the house the first thing Andrew asked me is where I was able to find the two bongs. See - way out of my comfort zone.

Now I am battling a killer headache and a case of the Mondays. Tonight is leftover lasagna, workout at Curves, and then DWTS as I iron clothes. Mondays are rough but I enjoy Monday nights.


  1. I too hate Mondays, but love Monday nights. :) It's the one night of the week that we don't have much planned.

  2. Cant believe how big Colin is.. so cute!!!

    Monday nights are my "nights off" .. LOVE THEM!

  3. That is so exciting about your friend and her baby!

    Your family is adorable!! Just stopping by from the bump. :)