Friday, April 9, 2010

He will now know which one his his

That is what Andrew told Colin when I put his name up. "Now you won't get lost. You will know which room is yours."

I got Colin's name and giraffe up on the wall yesterday! My replacement came in and I went straight to work. Only problem - the same thing was happening as last time! I used a hair dryer like the demonstrator suggested and it did help but still took me nearly an hour to get up on the wall!

I added the giraffe at the end and he went up effortlessly. You would have thought he was created for the sole purpose of being on Colin's wall. There was no way he wasn't going to stick. So it definitely wasn't my paint (which I was afraid of) or the adhesive since they would have been cut from the same material.

In the end we figured that the font for his name was just so wide compared to the small lines of the giraffe that it was causing the problems. The backing paper is so sticky that only one edge of the letter would be off as I tried to roll the paper to the other edge and it would end up pulling the letter back off the wall.

I will buy these again but I will be a little more selective on my fonts. I couldn't avoid it this time b/c I wanted a masculine font for the yellow walls but for other places in my home I will be happy with a more feminine looking font. I LOVE IT!

And I put the extra giraffe at the bottom of his door on the inside (see it?).

Oh, and the love for the golf club is no fluke. He was just as excited to play with it last night as well. There may be a tiny golf bag in Colin's future. Maybe Mommy needs to learn to play. And she wants a pink bag if this is going to happen. =)


  1. Leah, I'm so glad that you got Colin's name up. I looked at your previous posts and from the pictures I can suggest a few techniques in the future to help make things much easier! I go over these at my Open Houses with my Hostesses and all their guests when I do a demo.

    I do hope you'll try more elsewhere in your home. I'm here to help you in any way that I can!

    Colin's room looks adorable. Love the giraffe on the door! I'm sure he'll make many wonderful memories there as he grows. What a blessed little boy!

  2. Love the giraffe on the door! Great idea!