Monday, April 12, 2010

How to spend the day

Sometimes I feel like I struggle to find things to entertain Colin. He mostly likes to speed crawl from one sharp corner of furniture to an outlet. OK, I am just kidding about that. But his favorite thing to do it just move. Non-stop. He wants to explore.

We borrowed a toy from my Mom's house this weekend  (the Busy Ball Popper) and I didn't realize how much Colin loved it. I brought it back this morning because it sounded like we were at Chuck E Cheese's and there was no volume control, but he loves picking up two balls and banging them together. This makes me excited because he doesn't clap yet but if he dropped the balls he would be right there!

So in came my creativity. A ball pit.

Now my house really is Chuck E Cheese's. I intended on purchasing the turtle sand box and filling it with the balls and giving us something to play with outside, but they were sold out and I couldn't find one. So I opted for the $6 kiddie pool instead and I can move it inside or out. Not really the look I wanted, but it serves it's purpose!

Any other suggestions on forms of entertainment? He is still a little scared of the grass, but getting better!

Oh, and we have tooth number 6!! (I think...he only lets me in there occasionally) And some killer seasonal allergies. Colin sounds so congested but at least once all this stuff is done blooming it will begin to clear up. Benadryl is out friend right now.

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