Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I like to plan ahead

On May 26th we are taking off and flying to New Orleans. Traveling is usually no big deal but I am starting to freak out. Because when I say "we" I don't mean Andrew, Colin, and me. This time it is just Colin and me.

I am honestly OK with bringing Colin anywhere (unless children being present are frowned upon). Bringing a 6 month old onto a ship for 5 days and sharing a cabin? Bring it. Four to five hour flight across the country while allowing Colin to be a lap child so he could fly free? Been there done that.

But this time I am all alone. I started stressing about what to do when I had to go to the bathroom and no one was flying with me to hold Colin. Or when I just need someone else to hold him to give my arms a break. So I went to Southwest and saw that the Fun Fares were super low. Like, $88 low. I thought about it all night and this morning I booked him his own seat. Only for the trip to New Orleans, not back since Andrew would be there with me.

I then felt calm. I can put Colin in his car seat and I will have two free hands to dig out whatever I need from his diaper bag. And if I am lucky and he falls asleep I can actually read gossip magazines a book while en route.

Then I realize I would be hauling a stroller AND a car seat through the airport...alone.How in the heck do I juggle a stroller, a car seat, a diaper bag, and a baby as I go through security. Does the car seat even fit through the x-ray machine!?

So in a month or so expect to see a post on how to get through security with everything but the kitchen sink with ease. If my experience turns out to be a scene in a comedy (which face it, when stuff like this and this happens I assume God planned my life out to be more of a comedy than a drama. I am thankful for this though.) then the post will be more of a what not to do.

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