Friday, April 16, 2010

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Since we moved into your house almost three years ago my bedroom has looked like this:
(I would like to add I do have night stands and lamps. They just aren't pictured here. And yes, I never purchased curtains.)

I love my comforter but white just isn't practical. Especially with a black dog. I am happy with every other room in our house except for our bedroom and master bath. So I am changing it up.

I picked out some funky lamps!

To go with some new bedding! This lamp is way out of my comfort zone but hopefully I end up liking it all.

This will be a long process. You know, because now I have to make sure Colin is taken care of. I can't just up and paint like I used to be able to! And all I have purchased is a bed set and I kind of need a few more things. But in a few months (hopefully less) I will FINALLY have a completely decorated master bedroom.

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