Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yesterday was a fail

At least in the decorating department. When I get bored, I rearrange. Because totally redecorating is too expensive and I am just not that good at it.

So I rearranged Colin's room. I finally ordered his name to go above his crib and a cute little giraffe to go with it. It took two weeks to come in. It is one of those vinyl things from Uppercase Living.

I get really excited and read all the instructions after it comes in yesterday. I set it up on the wall perfectly and get to work (all while Colin is being amazingly well behaved and playing with toys in his crib). The darn thing won't come off and attach to my walls.
It took me a 1/2 hour to get that "C" to finally come off, and now I have the "N" but the other letter refuse to come off the backing paper and stick to my wall! I have tried all the tips and tricks and nothing. Cassie mentioned that I might have gotten a bad one and my dad thinks so too. So now I just wait for someone to contact me...b/c there is no stinking number to call for help. (And would you look at the paper...I really think it is time to give up. It is wrinkled and sticking to itself and not cooperating.)
It is just hanging half way on the wall above his crib still. I haven't even tried to apply the cute giraffe. He is going up at the end of his name. Anyone else with tips or tricks??
Oh, and this morning I finally got the "L" off the backing and it doesn't stick to the wall. It falls right off. =(

Now I am almost over it and just want to spend that time trying to find some nice plants or trees for the backyard.


  1. Bahhhhhaaaa. That made me laugh. Thank you for making my day!

  2. It is funny now. Now that a really nice demonstrator called me and walked me through it and is sending me a brand new one! I did everything right so it might be adhesive or my walls (it is normal paint though...). And she gave me one more hair dryer trick. So yes, it is funny now. =)