Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's done!

I have finished painting and redecorating my room today! I tried to take a picture with my little camera that has a panoramic option and it turned out bad, but if gives you a sense of the way my room is shaped and laid out.

Here are some better photos!

And can you believe I found the bedding and accessories at Wal-mart? My least favorite place EVER!

The curtain I believe because one is a bit longer than the other and the curtain rods are the same height. Hmm...I think it will only bother me and my OCDness.


  1. Didnt notice the curtain. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bedspread. Green is my fave! Very impressed it came from Walmart.

    Love that little desk too! I think the room looks bigger now!!

  2. LOVE IT!!!! Im all about green too!!!

  3. I love it! Our bedroom is green and brown too! :)