Friday, March 25, 2011

Peanut Butter Temptations

My mom made these over Christmas and they are awesome. I bought the ingredents and was waiting to make it until we had guests...because I don't need to eat these all by myself. Also, it can be a CHEAP crowd pleaser. Buy the Betty Crocker Peanut Butter cookie mix when it is on sale with a coupon and then but the bag of mini Reese's Cups after a holiday when the ones packaged in holiday colors are on clearence. I think these cost me about $2.50 to make today. =)

1 pkg Betty Crocker Peanut Butter cookie mix
1 Tbsp water
3 Tbsp vegetable oil
1 egg
Reese's mini peanut butter cups

I started by unwrapping the peanut butter cups and tossing them in to a bowl in the freezer to get cold.

Prepare the cookie mix as directed on the package.

Roll dough into 1" balls and place them in a mini muffin pan. Don't press them down. Bake at 350 for dark or non-stick pan and 375 for glass or metal pans. Bake for 10-12 minutes until puffed up.

Remove from oven and press one penaut butter cup down in each cookie. Allow to finish cooling in the pan.

I ended up with about 30 cookies.

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