Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Pictures

We had pictures taken at Portrait Innovations yesterday. It was complete chaos in there. I will only go back to have them done there again because of the help from a woman named Keri. I had to go back because specific pictures I purchased to use as gifts for mother's day turned out bad. Not like we looked bad, but the picture were dark - a bulb was not working that studio. She fixed them right up (as best as we could by brightening them on the computer) but I can't show them to you right now. My mom might see them and one of the is coming her way in May. =)

Here are some of my favorites, however we only purchased the one with Colin and the black background and the family picture with the black background. If only I had endless amounts money to buy all the poses I wanted.


  1. What a little ham!!!!!!! SO CUTE.. beautiful family!

  2. wow ....that last one makes me melt! he is such a little heartbreaker already!!

    btw...I have finally discovered the trick to portrait innovations...go during the week!

  3. I think I will try it during the week when I do pictures again in the summer. We had to wait 40 MINUTES past our appt time. And there was a bully. Who's mom and grandma were not paying attention to until he pushed C out of the chair. His pictures even made him look like a bully. LOL I told him once myself to stay away from Colin because he is a mean little boy. =P