Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Music: The Good and The Embarrassing

Emily's comment on  my previous Christmas related post made me think of this. Every year you pull out your Christmas Music and pop it in the CD player (or plug up your iPod depending on what you have) to help get you in the Christmas spirit.

What are your favorite Christmas CD's or downloads. And more importantly - what are the CD's or songs you love to listen to but are a little embarrassing to admit.

Me? I love the Charlie Brown Christmas CD, Straight No Chaser (just heard it for the first time last year!), and hopefully this year I will add the GLEE Christmas CD (I just found out about it two days ago). I also just bought the new Lady A Christmas CD and hope it is good. And I have some old school Amy Grant and Micheal W Smith.

My embarrassing? Well, I love to put in the Jessica Simpson Christmas CD, there are one or two Hanson Christmas songs I like, and also a couple N'Sync Christmas songs downloaded.

And how about yourself...


  1. this is hilarious! wow....Hansen.

    besides mariah, I listen to clay aiken (yes from american idol), and a MIX CD I made years ago of xmas music. yes, I said mix cd. my fave on there is celine dion!!!

  2. HANSEN!!! That's awesome!
    Mine is also Mariah Carey!

    Let me know how that Lady A is, I might have to download that one! Bring it when I keep C!