Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Got Leftovers?

I am sure many of us still have leftovers from Thanksgiving. Since my parents went on a 2 week cruise right after Thanksgiving, I got to take home all the left over turkey. And now I need to find something to do with it.

I considered a leftover turkey sandwich like Ross (you know...with Monica's "Moistmaker" turkey sandwich). But since I don't like gravy, having a sandwich with a piece of bread in the middle soaked in gravy didn't sound good at all.

So tonight we will be using the turkey in the Chicken Tetrazzini recipe I posted yesterday.

For tomorrow's lunch I will be trying something my mom suggested using Pillsbury crescent rolls. Fill each crescent roll with turkey, some cranberry sauce, and a little shredded Monterrey Jack and Colby cheese. Roll up and bake as directed on the crescent roll package.

What do with your leftover turkey?


  1. Haha! I love it that you know what Monica's Moistmaker is!

    I'm also laughing b/c Em probably just gagged reading the word "moist" so many times! Oh, look Em, there it is again :)

    Enjoy your leftovers!


    My mom makes a super-duper turkey, rice, and veggie soup that she freezes.

    Try a pot pie or chicken/turkey tortilla soup? I would definitely say soups...