Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So much for a tree picture

Colin likes our tree. He points and yells "ball" at all the ornaments. We are working on "look but don't touch." If I am in the kitchen and I hear "ball! ball! ball! ball!" I know he is about to grab one off the tree.

Getting a picture of him in front of the tree is proving to be an impossible task. See below.

The best shot I got, and you can't see the tree!

And he's done.

Playing with the Nativity now. He will bring you Baby Jesus is you ask.

Maybe I can photo shop him into this picture with my tree.


  1. Hilarious! He's such a cutie!
    (pretty tree, too!)

  2. we do tree pics for our xmas card every year and were supposed to take ours this morning but abby is breaking out on her face due to teething! haha! so we have "rescheduled" for fri. I have no doubt we will take 100 pics and be lucky to get 2-3 good ones.

    I thought you got pics done at portrait innovations?

  3. I did, Emily. But I still want a picture of him infront of OUR tree. I will probably try once a day. At least one of those will have the tree and a little boy smiling right? These weren't for Christmas cards, so no rush!